The May issue of AJN is now live.

“If nurses are expected to have a strong sense of duty to care and to report to work even in disaster situations, then it’s essential to understand what factors influence that sense, in order to foster and sustain a workforce ready to do so,” write the authors of this month’s Original Research article, “Exploring U.S. Nurses’ Perceived Duty to Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Read the study here.

The Mountain Model for Evidence-Based Practice Quality Improvement Initiatives” introduces a conceptual model that merges evidence-based practice and quality improvement principles into a unified framework with the goal of disseminating and sustaining EBPQI projects across health care. (CE credit available)

Clinical Inquiry and Problem Identification,” the second article in our new Evidence-Based Decision-Making series, discusses optimizing clinical inquiry, using data to describe a clinical problem, and strategically developing a focused clinical question. A commentary on navigating clinical questions accompanies the article.

Improving Medication Management for Inpatients with a Secondary Diagnosis of Parkinson Disease” describes how a nurse-led multidisciplinary team implemented a quality improvement project to identify patients with Parkinson disease and customize medication management in order to reduce length of stay, mortality, falls, falls with harm, and 30-day readmissions.

See also the extensive health care news sections, the Journal Watch and Drug Watch sections, an AJN Reports on armed conflicts and increasing violence against health care, a Specialty Spotlight column on cannabis nursing, an In the Community article on nurse honor guards, and more.

A note on the cover:

On this month’s cover is I Care, a painting by Southern California–based artist and retired nurse Therese Cipiti Herron. The painting, she explains, aims to communicate “the qualities of the nursing profession,” referencing nursing’s past and present to emphasize nurses’ enduring compassion. This artwork is featured in recognition of National Nurses Week (May 6 to 12).

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