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Understanding the pivotal role the NCLEX plays in a nurse’s professional journey, our goal is to provide a tool that enhances your test-taking skills, sharpens your knowledge, and builds your confidence, one question at a time. Each day, we’ll explore a new question covering many topics central to the nursing curriculum and the real-world scenarios you’ll face. From complex clinical situations to essential nursing fundamentals, our practice questions are designed to reflect the breadth and depth of the NCLEX exam.

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So, whether you’re sipping your morning coffee or taking a well-deserved study break, check in daily. Let’s embark on this journey together, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and success. With The RN Network’s NCLEX Practice Question of the Day, you’re one step closer every day to achieving your dream of becoming a licensed nurse. Stay tuned, stay inspired, and let’s conquer the NCLEX, one question at a time!

NCLEX-RN Test Prep: Wednesday Question of the Day

A nurse is caring for a patient with schizophrenia. The patient reports hearing voices telling him to harm others. Which nursing action is a priority?

A. Offer reassurance that the voices are not real.

B. Place the patient in seclusion.

C. Notify the healthcare provider immediately.

D. Increase social interactions for the patient.

Answer: C. Notify the healthcare provider immediately. 

Rationale: Immediate notification of the healthcare provider is crucial for the safety of the patient and others due to the risk of harm associated with command hallucinations.

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