Meet Dr. Deborah Dolan Hunt, PhD, RN, a nurse who is making a positive impact as an educator, writer, and scholar. She is a full professor at the Dr. Betty L. Forest Dean of the College of Nursing and Public Health at Adelphi University and has authored three essential nursing books for Springer Publishing: Fast Facts About the Nursing Profession, The New Nurse Educator, and The Nurse Professional.

Dr. Hunt says that many things bring passion to her work, and writing and nursing have always been her passions. Throughout her nursing career, she has held various fulfilling roles and currently collaborates with her colleagues to prepare future nurses, advanced practice nurses, and healthcare professionals for their professional practice roles.

Here are three of Dr. Hunt’s books that belong on your bookshelf.

1. Fast Facts About the Nursing Profession (Published: May 2017)

Summary: Captures the essence of pivotal events and individuals in nursing history.

Key Features

Provides important historical content often neglected in today’s nursing programs

Delivers concise, easy-to-read information about important events and influential nursing luminaries

Describes how nurses have influenced health and wellness across the lifespan

Highlights key points with “Fast Facts in a Nutshell” boxes

Includes an interview with the president of the American Association for the History of Nursing, a chapter on the relevance of nursing history by a noted nurse historian, and a chapter on influential nurses in history by a noted nursing leader and educator

2. The New Nurse Educator (Published: October 2017)

Summary: Guides novice nurse educators through the challenging process of transitioning from service to academe, addressing the fundamentals of teaching, evaluation, and curriculum development, as well as the entire spectrum of skills and duties required of the nurse educator.

Key Features

Provides efficient, step-by-step information on all components of being a nurse educator/faculty member

Helps nurses transition from service roles to educator/faculty roles

Includes advice from novice and seasoned nurse educators, nurse leaders, and nursing theorists

Includes learning objectives and review questions in each chapter

Provides sample forms and documents for CVs and developing course content

3. The Nurse Professional (Published: October 2014)

Description: Helps novices prepare for their transition into a “real world” role from being a student through graduation, NCLEX success, job search, first job, and beyond. It is the only book to cover all the steps new nurses must take to ensure a smooth transition into the professional role.

Key Features

“Top 10 Tips” in chapters concisely highlight important topics

Examples of useful forms and documents are available in chapter appendices

Delivers specific, practical strategies and exercises for a successful transition and entry into practice

Written by an experienced nurse/educator and nurse mentor who has extensive experience regarding how new nurses transition into practice

If you are interested in other nursing books, check out Springer Publishing’s collection of nursing titles available here.

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