Caregivers face emotional and physical demands that strain even the strongest person. In her new book, Caregiver a Role We Least Expected—Tips and Tidbits to Help in Your Role, Peggy Rossi, a friend and colleague from LinkedIn, shares information to help caregivers cope.

I asked Peggi why she wrote this book. She said it is written to explain some of the areas in healthcare that are confusing to caregivers and to educate them on the resources they can explore, as one plan does not fit all.

I want to help caregivers educate themselves on their loved one’s injury or illness and then explore resources communities may have in place to assist them. This process will allow caregivers to set up a plan that works better for them and their specific situation in caregiving.

Today, hospitals and emergency departments are crowded and have major throughput issues, causing delays and medical errors. In addition, caregivers are asked to do more than they can safely do in the home, as basic needs are not being taught due to understaffing.

I want to empower caregivers to advocate for themselves and their loved ones. They need to be empowered to use their voices to ask for help when they are exhausted.

I wrote this book for all ages as caregivers do not fit one mold today. Order a copy for yourself or for someone you know who is a caregiver. Click here to view on Amazon and  Visit Peggy’s website at



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