Storytelling is one way to educate. Stories allow us to see things in a new light and help us understand how we relate to the situation. Storytelling can help someone see things differently and develop ways to handle a challenge. In this post, I share some of the stories I have used to educate and empower people. I hope these examples of storytelling encourage you to use your experiences to educate and empower others. We all have our stories, and stories are powerful!

We Are Made of Stories: Stories from a Nurse Advocate is a compilation of a few of the most meaningful Blog Posts from my weekly Blog, Nurse Advocate. I segmented them into different chapters that will teach and enable you to become your best advocate when you enter the complex world of healthcare.



Second Acts: Reflections from Nurses to Inspire the Next Generation of Nurses! This report brings a few of my nurse colleagues to share their stories of nursing and their 2nd acts. Take a few minutes to read the different stories and think about your history and what you plan to do in your 2nd act. Feel free to share this page with your nursing colleagues and those interested in nursing as a career. Here is a link to download the report:


A colleague and I produced short videos under the Judith and Anne Show. The premise behind the recordings was Two Nurses Who Have Seen It All. Together, we shared stories on topics that many of us face in our day-to-day lives. Here are two recordings that you might find useful. The first one is titled The Joys of Travel. The recording will give you some tips on traveling as you age, with a disability, or when you are alone. Here is the link to listen.



In this 2nd video, we shared tips on how to deal with Loneliness. Many people (young and old) are dealing with loneliness. We hope this recording provides you with some tips on how to cope and get help.



Watch my interview with Fred Lippman, R.Ph., Ed.D, Chancellor Emeritus of Nova Southeastern University Health Professions Division, and my colleague Cathy F. Bowers, BCPA, CP, CSA, MSA, NCG, as we discuss the emerging field of patient advocacy. Show 564 at 



Dina Readinger interviewed me about the chapter I wrote for a new book, Healing Healthcare. I talked about the importance of taking care of yourself. Because if you don’t care for yourself, you cannot care for others. I am joined by several nurse leaders who contributed to the book. To preorder the book for your organization,  visit this page.

To listen to the interview, use this link:  


I hope these examples of how I use storytelling to educate the people (patients, their families and all members of the healthcare team to encourage you to use your experiences to educate and empower.

Have a good week!


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