Elisabeth Barclay, MA, Ed, BSN, RN, known as “The School Nurse,” is a dedicated and experienced certified Illinois school nurse who has been sharing her knowledge and insights with fellow school nurses for more than a decade through her blog, Diary Of A School Nurse (DOASN).

Elisabeth started DOASN in 2011 as a way to document the unique experiences of a school nurse’s office. However, over time, the blog evolved into a valuable resource for school nurses at all stages of their careers. With over 25 years of experience in school nursing, Elisabeth uses her platform to provide encouragement, support, and practical advice to her colleagues.

The blog covers a wide range of topics relevant to school nursing, including:

Health education

Chronic and acute health conditions

School nurse office decor and organization

Paperwork management strategies

Daily routines and best practices

The School Nurse’s approach is to offer a fresh perspective on school nursing, sharing her own experiences and strategies to help other nurses navigate the challenges of the profession. Her content is particularly valuable for:

New school nurses just starting their careers

Experienced school nurses looking for new ideas

Nurses considering a transition into school nursing

Elisabeth has ventured into authorship, publishing a children’s book titled “The Ten B’s,” This accomplishment demonstrates her dedication to not only supporting fellow nurses but also educating children about health and wellness.

When Elisabeth identified a significant gap in educational opportunities, particularly for nurses working in smaller districts where professional development topics are often not tailored to health services, she responded by creating online courses.  She took the initiative to become a provider of nursing contact hours and began developing evidence-based content specifically for school nurses. This new direction aligns seamlessly with Elisabeth’s long-standing commitment to supporting and educating her colleagues in the field.
By offering nursing courses like “Building Bridges: The Importance of Networking & Mentoring for School Nurses,” Elisabeth is helping school nurses meet their continuing education requirements while providing them with practical, evidence-based knowledge that directly impacts their work. Elisabeth’s efforts to fill this educational gap further demonstrate her ongoing dedication to advancing the field of school nursing and supporting her colleagues.  Through these endeavors, Elisabeth continues to solidify her role as a leader and invaluable resource in the school nursing community.
Hi- I’m Elisabeth AKA The School Nurse. I provide encouragement and support to other school nurses by sharing hopefully helpful tips and useful resources needed to work successfully in the school setting.
Diary Of A School Nurse blog is for you if:

You’re a brand new school nurse

You’ve been a school nurse, but are searching for new school nurse ideas 

You’re a nurse who wants to learn more about school nursing

I started the Diary Of A School Nurse (DOASN) blog in 2011 as a place to document “what really happens in the nurse’s office”. I thought it would be fun to share those unbelievable (HIPAA compliant) stories that might someday be turned into a book.  

Over the years though, the posts on DOASN are written more for school nurses who want another perspective on school nursing, are curious about another school nurses daily routines and how another school nurse tackles paperwork challenges! It has mostly become a place for other school nurses to find (hopefully) helpful resources to make their day to day work life a little easier.
My nursing background includes a variety of settings including: hospital, home health, health department, and doctor’s office. However, my true love and passion is within the school setting. I am a loyal career school nurse with over 25 years experience and I want to help you on your journey as a school nurse.  – Elisabeth Barclay
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